Let’s Talk About Car Manufacturers

Do you get paranoid when people get into “conspiracy theories”? Did you ever wonder why the U.S. seems to be taking the last place in the race to develop new energy cars, while the global oil demand reaches crisis proportions? Here’s a movie that everyone should see. It’s called “Who Killed the Electric Car?” The movie has a website at http://www.whokilledtheelectriccar.com/ It gives you a glimpse of how hard the American auto makers are fighting to keep the oil companies on top of us. It documents how General Motors completely erased its electric car, the EV1, from the American market, after the car turned out to be popular with car buyers. It documents how the advanced battery that was developed for that car was sold to Texaco and then disappeared. You can find most of the movie on YouTube.

But, the foreign car makers are in on it too. Check out this short video from YouTube:

In this video, Edwin Black talks about how hard Honda fought to prevent anyone from getting possession of the natural gas cars that it had produced.

This paragraph is my opinion about what is going on: The car companies rely on a broad array of products that are made from petroleum. Not just the fuel and the lubricants, but also every piece that is made of plastic. If the price of oil goes up, their profit per car and the consumer demand for their big fancy cars goes down. They cannot afford to make the oil companies upset. Seriously mass-producing a car (not just a small limited run for public relations) that runs on electricity or natural gas would cut into the oil companies’ profits and presumably upset them. The car manufacturers and the oil companies have a lot of influence ($$) in Washington. If we want to see the car companies mass producing good looking, good quality cars that run on nonpolluting alternative fuels, we–the people–are going to have to get up and make ourselves heard. We are going to have to link up People are going to have to make a fuss, musicians are going to have to play political songs, bloggers are going to have to blog it up, everyone is going to have to use their social networking spaces to push this issue into the public consciousness.

Political songs, hey…that sounds like something I could get into.